Healthy Vegan Product Store

Hi! Olga and Alex here! We love to cook our own meals at home and believe that eating pure, paleo and natural plant based foods is what keeps us and our children healthy and full of energy. Having travelled the world, we noticed that finding quality snacks on a vegan, gluten free and keto diet that actually taste good is not always easy. So, we began dreaming up ways to ‘Pimp’ our healthy meals with toppings that are both delicious and nutritious.

The Pimp My Salad brand was born out of our quest to make a difference for families like ours. We also offer Pure Snack Kale Chips, the ultimate vegan snacks that make adding more kale to your diet more delicious than ever. Let us show you that everyday meals can be fun, exciting and healthy, without taking lots of time to prepare!

For first time Pimp My Salad customers, we recommend the popular Cashew Parmesan – a delicious vegan cheese alternative featuring smooth, nutty and cheesy sprinkles packed with vitamins, minerals and plant based protein. Simply sprinkle a bit on your salads, pizzas, pastas, roast veggies, vegan mac n’ cheese, avocado toast and everything in between to take them to the next level!

We’re also known for our smoky, savoury and crunchy Coconut Bacon – a vegan bacon alternative that will add flavour, texture and the perfect finishing touch to your salads, sandwiches, baked potatoes, soups and more. We love sharing our favourite Pimp My Salad recipes and encourage you to show us your creations, too!

Our meal toppers come in various sizes, including the classic glass Eco Jars, Pocket Sized Pouches that make Pimping your meals on the go a breeze and Value Packs, ideal for families looking to prepare meals for the week, those looking to get the most value out of their sprinkles and/or refill empty Eco Jars.

Want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, stay stocked on your favourite products and save money? Our monthly subscription and bundle packages include 12-pack Kale Chips at up to 20% off, ‘One of Each’ 6-pack of Pimp My Salad jars at $10 off and our 3-pack of the popular Cashew Parmesan at 10% off. For more deals, sales and giveaways, follow us on Instagram @pimp.my.salad!

Doing our part to protect the planet is one of our major motivations. Our Eco Jars feature new peelable labels that make them handy for re-using to store spices and bulk goods (or create fun DIY planters or candles) and our Value Pack resealable pouches are perfect for storing frozen fruit when you run out of sprinkles!

No matter your flavour preference, lifestyle or budget, there’s a Pimp My Salad product for you. Feel free to contact us with any questions and we hope you enjoy our range of healthy and delicious meal toppers as much as we do!