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  • Alexander Komarov
Vegan Miso Soup | Sea Superfoods




• Udon noodles

• Broccolini

• Edamame

• Vegetable spring rolls

• 1/2 cup dried sliced shiitake mushrooms, rinsed then soaked in hot water (reserve water to make the broth!)

• Small sheet (6cm x 10cm) dried kelp, cut into small strips and soaked together with mushrooms

• 2-3 tbsp miso paste

• 2 cups water

• Soy sauce to taste

• Pinch of pepper 

Sea Superfoods



1. Saute broccolini and cook spring rolls per package instructions.

2. Boil water and add udon noodles, dried mushrooms, dried kelp and edamame.

3. Once soup is cooked, stir in miso paste add soy sauce and pepper to taste.

4. Top with broccolini, spring rolls and Sea Superfoods sprinkles!

  • Alexander Komarov

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