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Vegan Caesar salad with chickpeas

Crispy, hearty, and tangy, this is the BEST vegan caesar salad we've created a crouton replacement with roasted chickpeas!  Do not forget to top it with our Activated Super Seeds Sprinkles!


Serves 2
200 grams kale or Savoy cabbage
6 cherry tomatoes
1 tsp capers 
100 grams dry chickpeas
1 tbs coconut oil (room temperature)
1/4 tbs pink salt
1 tbs garlic powder
1/4 tbs curry powder 
pinch of black pepper
For vegan Caesar sause 
100 grams soaked cashews (at least for 2 hours)
1 tbs mustard
1/4 tbs pink salt
1. Before everything soak chickpeas for 24 hours, rinse then boil in water for 1 hour. 
2. Preheat the oven to 325°. In big bowl mix well coconut oil, garlic powder, curry, salt and chickpeas. Transfer to the oven tray and bake for 15 minutes.
3. For the sause add 50 ml. of water to the blender cup, add cashews, mustard and salt. Blend well till silky look.
4. Kale/Savoy leaves wash very well, tear leaves in average pieces. Cut cherry tomatoes in halves, add capers, mix greens with sauce, add chickpeas on the top then capers and pinch of salt. Decorate with any sprout u desire.
Bon appetite!
  • Olga Plotnikova
  • dinnerrecipesalad

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