• New Year, New Milestones
  • Salome Seikot
New Year, New Milestones

At Extraordinary Foods, we love to share. We have poured our love and knowledge into all of our products to share with you our home recipes that have grown to become, what we believe, are some of the tastiest and healthiest snack foods on the market.

That is why we are so very happy to share with you two of our most exciting milestones to date: probiotics and packaging.

The benefits of probiotics are vast; more and more people with gut issues big or small are using them as a means to aid digestion. We have done extensive research on available probiotics on the market, and have found the highest quality probiotics that can actually reach your gut, where they work their magic (most probiotics on the market don't make it that far, as they are destroyed by highly acidic environment in the stomach). We now add these wondrous things to every batch of kale chips so that you can enjoy their benefits. 


As well as the addition of probiotics, from the ground up over the past year, our packaging has been meticulously re-imagined and re-designed. Our labels have had a makeover with the addition of the silver logo. Plus, they also double as the new packaging lid, so on the rare occasion that you can stop yourself from eating all of your chips in one sitting, just pop the label back on and save for later!

We have had a fantastic 2016, and we know that come 2017, you will love our chips more than ever. You might even say they're "Extraordinary"!

  • Salome Seikot