The Story of Kale Chips
  • Searching for a Perfect Recipe | Kale Chips
  • Olga Plotnikova
Searching for a Perfect Recipe | Kale Chips

Cooking Kale Chips is relatively easy (if you have the ingredients and necessary gear). 

Creating a product out of it — not as much. 

When it comes to kale chips recipe, our goal is to achieve an outstanding taste and texture, in a way that is consistently repeatable.

How do we define 'outstanding-tasting product'? It is such a product I'd want to tear my shirt off for, Hulk Hogan style.  

In other words, we have to absolutely love it ourselves. One thing is liking something, but it's really hard to fall in love with something you create, because you always question yourself: what if this was done differently? What would've happened if I used this ingredient instead of that one?

There's a lot of variables: ingredients, how finely/coarsely the leaves should be torn, how much to dehydrate, how much dressing to add, how coarse or smooth the dressing should be etc etc.

Currently we have two recipes we are in love with:

  1. Curly kale chips with extra cheese (all vegan and dairy free of course).
  2. Curly kale chips with garlic flavor. (it's very hearty and rich taste, with a hint of sweetness).

These are truly awesome and these will become available for purchase soon

Kale and Kale chips


Still one recipe short 

For no particular reason we think that we want to launch with three varieties. Three feels better then two. Two is too "half-assed", three is more respectable :-) So we are currently in search for the 3rd recipe. This is how it typically looks like: my wife Olga prepares a batch or two with flavors we want to test:

"Simple dill and onion flavor sure beats onion & dill & bell peppers flavor."


So far we've tried: 

  • Herbs and olive oil
  • Sesame
  • Naked minimalistic flavor
  • Tahini
  • Onion and dill
  • Onion, Bell pepper and dill

They are all ok, and we eat them at home, but it's not there yet, so we continue our exploration. 

Onion and dill looks very interesting so far. But we want to give it some time to see if it wins us over. 

Wish us luck, and share your recipes in comments if there's something you're really fond of.

Next up: Choosing the Right Dehydrator



  • Olga Plotnikova

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  • Mar 29, 2015

    I absolutely love your kale chips thank you for creating them with such love…. Kathryn

    — Kathryn Riding

  • Apr 02, 2014

    Hi Olga and Alex,

    Saw your kale chips in my organic store for the first time and decided to try the cheesy vegan ones. Very impressed – they were light, crumbly in the mouth and tasted yummy!

    I’ve been a fan of kale chips for a long time and I have my own dehydrator and am still to make my own.

    Stay well and hope you will visit my blog or facebook page so we can connect.


    — Eileen from rawfoodmelbourne.com

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