I never knew ‘healthy’ could taste so good.

Our raw, plant based, Australian-made snacks will get you glowing with energy.

Get glowing – find your perfect snack

Nourish yourself with the goodness of whole foods.

With natural, unprocessed, Australian grown ingredients, our foods connect you back to the earth, and to the health of your ancestors.

Locally and sustainably grown

Our organic kale comes from local, sustainable Australian farms, reducing environmental impact and connecting you with the nutrients in your own backyard.

Made & packaged with care

We make every batch of snacks in our Byron Bay factory, using homespun recipes and only unprocessed, plant based ingredients.

Connectedness in a chaotic world

Modern-day life is complicated. Nourishing yourself shouldn’t be. Enjoy the health of our ancestors, even in today’s busy, on-the-go world.

Satisfy your cravings.
Celebrate your health.

Get your snacking fix. Cure your 3pm energy slump. Indulge your hunger for crunch. And actually feel good about it.

Our product families

Probiotic Kale Chips

Crispy, nutty & cheesy, our kale chips will quickly become your favorite savory snack.

And since they’re probiotic, they’ll keep your digestive system happy while putting a smile on your face.

I recon these #kale chips will become my favs. I'm sure my mum will love them more than I.


Pimp My Salad

Take your everyday meals to the next level with our “Pimp My Salad” collection.

Add a pop of crunch to your salads, pizzazz to your pasta, and a burst of bold flavor to bowls of grains or veggies.

🌱💪🏻👌🏻I’ve actually been using these sprinkles for a while and honestly, they just add an amazing burst of flavor and crunch to your plate. 👌🏻


🙌 @extraordinafy.foods activated sprinkles — next level amazing.


Made in Byron Bay, for health, happiness and higher purpose.

Lovingly made in Byron Bay, Australia a region that is renowned for it's vibrant, local and sustainable food culture.

To heal your body and help you feel your best, all Extraordinary Foods are vegan & contain no gluten, soy, processed sugars or chemical preservatives.

By purchasing Extraordinary Foods, you support Australian farmers and protect the ecosystem of organic, sustainably-grown produce.

You’ll delight in the array of rich flavors and textures, without any of the guilt of conventional snacks.

Ready to start snacking in a whole new way?

A world of flavor, crunch and vitality awaits.

Get glowing – find your perfect snack